My Response to a Fellow Called Peacefrog

This article was written as a comment, a reply, rather, in an ongoing conversation at James Tracy’s Memory Hole Blog.  It became quite lengthy, far too long for the comment section.  It went to “moderation”–which means no one could see it until Dr. Tracy decides to publish it–which I don’t suspect he will do.  I also don’t believe it has a place at MHB as a stand alone article.  So I’m publishing it here.

Each and every word in the comment I am responding to is reproduced below, interleaved with my critique, bit by bit.


You ask me why I do not avert my gaze from the ugly truth about Islam, and I tell you the answer, which you apparently don’t like—even though it is based on historical fact. Then you reply with a mass of historical ignorance. This is for the benefit of the assembled multitudes, who might not know what is so terribly wrong with everything in your reply:

“Christianity and the White Man’s Burden were much bloodier events than anything in Islamic history.”
This is perhaps the most foolish bit of nonsense I have ever read. Only someone who knows nothing about what Mohammed’s savage hoards actually DID to the peoples whose lands they stole could display such ignorance. It’s all available to learn, if you wish to know what the jihad was like to its victims. I will provide a booklist upon request.

“Since they happened in the Middle Ages, they share the same timeline with Islam counted from the origin of the religion.”
This is perhaps an even more foolish. When Mohammed was creating his horrible “religion,” in the 7th century, all of North Africa, all of the Levant, and all of Asia Minor were Christian. As were Spain and Greece. The things the Mohammedans did to the peoples whose lands they stole, the means by which they forcibly converted them, are too terrible to relate here. No savagery in recorded history equals it. Nothing Christians ever did can compare with such cruelty—and that’s saying something, when you consider what the conquistadores did to the Indians. But the fact is that Christianity grew and developed peacefully, by persuasion, and Islam was born with the sword and grew relentlessly by the sword.

“After WW2, a group of European Jews, sharing almost no racial identification with Israelites of the Bible, decided to colonize Palestine and brand it Israel.”
This is hilarious. Such historical ignorance is a rare thing–but I wouldn’t preserve it if I were you; it’s not worth much. Jews had been steadily migrating to the largely unpopulated land of historical Israel since the 1870s. After WWI, when the Ottoman Empire—which had been the owner of that region—ceased to exist, the League of Nations gave Great Britain a Mandate to create a homeland for the Jews in what it called “Palestine,” which included all of what is today Israel and Jordan. The steady increase in numbers of Jews in what is today Israel was not sufficient to spill across the Jordan River, so what we today call Jordan never ended up a part of Israel. Meanwhile, as the Jews were building a country in a neglected wasteland, their enterprises attracted vast numbers of Arab migrant workers from Egypt, Syria, and Iraq, who subsequently settled down and never went home—the people we today call “Palestinians.” Nobel “Peace” Prize winning “Palestinian” terror boss, Yasser (that’s my baby) Arafat, for instance, was from Egypt. Who knew?

Meanwhile, the perfidious British were refusing to implement the Mandate they had been given–and even stopped Jews fleeing persecution during WWII from entering the land that had been set aside for them. The Brits, in fact, became even more obstreperous in this refusal in the aftermath of the War. I’ll let Wiki tell that part:

“In Poland, the Kielce Pogrom (July 1946) led to a wave of Holocaust survivors fleeing Europe for Palestine. Between 1945 and 1948, 100,000–120,000 Jews left Poland. Their departure was largely organized by Zionist activists in Poland under the umbrella of the semi-clandestine organization Berihah (“Flight”).[91] Berihah was also responsible for the organized emigration of Jews from Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, totaling 250,000 (including Poland) Holocaust survivors. The British imprisoned the Jews trying to enter Palestine in the Atlit detainee camp and Cyprus internment camps. Those held were mainly Holocaust survivors, including large numbers of children and orphans. In response to Cypriot fears that the Jews would never leave (since they lacked a state or documentation) and because the 75,000 quota established by the 1939 White Paper had never been filled, the British allowed the refugees to enter Palestine at a rate of 750 per month.”

The British Empire was going away, and since the League of Nations was no more, what to do about the Mandate? In early 1947, shortly after the war had ended, Britain asked the newly created United Nations to propose a partition plan, dividing “Palestine” between the Jews and the Arabs who had also settled there in the first half of the 20th century. Wiki again:

“The Plan also called for the British to allow “substantial” Jewish migration by 1 February 1948.[98]
Neither Britain nor the UN Security Council took any action to implement the resolution and Britain continued detaining Jews attempting to enter Palestine. Concerned that partition would severely damage Anglo-Arab relations, Britain denied UN representatives access to Palestine during the period between the adoption of Resolution 181 (II) and the termination of the British Mandate.[99] The British withdrawal was finally completed in May 1948. However, Britain continued to hold Jews of “fighting age” and their families on Cyprus until March 1949.”

On 14 May 1948, the day the British were all gone, Israel declared Independence, and the United Nations recognized the new country—but the surrounding Arab countries did not, and they all attacked Israel. Israel won that war. From then on, the British no longer around to stop it, a large wave of new Jewish arrivals from war-torn Europe steadily entered Israel.

Having that in mind, one notices, when you use this ridiculous quote

” They had largely Nordic features including fair skin, light eyes and light hair (little of this being present in their Sephardic counterparts). These Ashkenazi, named for the Nordic river Rhine by which they dwelt, displaced more Palestinian diaspora in the Gulf than are currently being occupied by the Apartheid State. of Israel:”

…you sound like an ignoramus. There were probably a million Jews in the land of Israel already, as WWII drew to its end—many of whom were third generation Western Jews whose grandparents were the original modern zionists. You want people to believe that the Jews were not already in the land in the years the UN was attempting to partition it between Jews and Arabs, which is obviously a ridiculous idea. You seem to think the land was devoid of Jews until after WWII ended, when a Nordic race of fake Jews arrived and took over the place (to quote you, above, “After WW2, a group of European Jews, sharing almost no racial identification with Israelites of the Bible, decided to colonize Palestine and brand it Israel.”).

Hahahaha! You are really a hoot, Peace! Those fake Jews must have been damned surprised when they got there and found the place packed to the gills with REAL Jews whom the UN was about to pronounce the owners of a new, independent, country! And they say those crafty fake Jews are smart! Ha!

“These facts, along with others, ignored by Western commentators, are largely responsible for the current state of militancy in Islam.”

More nonsense. Boko Haram, the Taliban, pretty much everything that happens in Indonesia and Pakistan and the Philippines…none of it has anything to do with Israel. Islam is inherently violent in ways unimaginable to the people who inherited Western Civilization. Fathers murder their daughters for “shaming” the family in some slight way, and feel proud about it, wherever Moslems can be found. In Egypt, 90% of women have suffered the removal of their sex organ (and since 10% of the population is Coptic Christians, that means pretty much every Egyptian woman). In Pakistan women routinely have jars of acid thrown into their faces. This, is the culture of Islam. Terrorism comes with the genetic code of the ideology (remember—it’s not a religion). Certainly, every Moslem does not succumb to the deep truth inside the evil thing that is Islam—but so what? The fact that an individual Moslem’s humanity often overcomes the internal logic of what true adherence to Islamic ideology requires only tells us that the devil is not all-powerful. Individuals can be Moslems and NOT agree to carry out the order to cut the tongues out of infidels who insist on still talking in their native language, when the hoards are ransacking the place. Bonus!

On the other hand, the Moslem Brotherhood, Al Quaida and ISIS only exist because they are creations of Western Intelligence agencies. While they are not organic, spontaneously emerging movements–and thus not anything to do with Israel in their origins–they are only possible because the people in them are Moslems. It is impossible to imagine the creation of such organizations out of Christian, or Buddhist, or Hindu populations, because those are actually religions, not violent political ideologies with terrorism at their origins; Unlike Islam, their founders did not assure their followers that by violent conquest they would one day rule the entire world. So, since these organizations did not “rise up” on their own, their existence is most assuredly NOT a response to the facts surrounding the creation of the State of Israel. They are tools of the New World Order plotters to undermine the stability of the post-WWII world order, to pave the way for a World government. As I said before, they are perfect patsies—because, being Moslems, these disaffected, hopeless, young men can feel real pride in committing acts of terrorism. By doing it, they are making Mohammed proud. What these pathetic losers need is to convert to Christianity and abandon all the cultural assumptions that make up the Moslem Mind—which many of them have in fact done, in defiance of the death decree Islam pronounces on those who attempt that happy transformation.

“Or do you believe that the creation of Israel and the supportive measures of America and the West toward it are just coincident factors and have no causality to Islamic violence (quite a conspiracy theory)?”

Since the whole basis of your presentation is founded on ignorance of the history of zionism in the decades before WWII, this question is meaningless. When you start with a false premise, expecting an answer based upon it, well, pardon me if I opt not to play the false game.

“It took a lot more looting and land grabbing by the West, and its proxy state,for the Muslims to become violent, than it took for the land grabbers from the West to become violent in their pursuit of pilfering land and other resources from the Muslims.”

Since pretty much ALL Moslem lands (i.e. everything that is not today Saudi Arabia) were stolen in the most horrifying atrocities the world has ever seen, that’s pretty funny. Ignorance is bliss, I’ve heard.