What happened to the Jews of Europe?

This is a comment I wrote to James Tracy’s Memory Hole Blog web site, that is the culmination of a long conversation about the notion that the holocaust never happened.  Go there and look at it, if you like that sort of thing.  Actually, it’s pretty fascinating.  There are people who think the holocaust is the number of Jews murdered by the Germans and the technique by which they got the job done.  I know.  You are laughing.  As if.

Of course, the holocaust is the attempted removal of every single Jew the Germans could identify, as they spread across Europe, and the fact that they never went home (the Jews, that is).

So read this, the summary that came to mind after the conversation seemed complete (a few stragglers are actually coming in today, so it’s not really over, I guess).


It occurs to me that this is a lot like the Jack the Ripper saga. Everyone knows the people died, but there is endless fascination in the facts of the case; the emotional energy invested in both is extreme, and never lessens, decade after decade. “True crime” stories are riveting–at least lots of people are riveted by them.

That’s not to say these two examples are the same. With “Jack,” we know exactly how his victims died, whereas there’s apparently some dispute as to how the Germans snuffed the Jews. As for motive, the laws banning Jewishness make it not so hard to guess the WHY of the genocide; whether “Jack” was protecting a Royal from embarrassment, we might never know for sure. And we KNOW it was the Germans who committed the crime, whereas no one knows for certain who “Jack” was.

As I say, it’s the endless fascination with these two events that makes them similar.

The difference, I suppose, is that in one instance the dead people are prostitutes, whom no one cares about almost by definition, which makes the study purely for the fun of it. With the Jews of Europe, on the other hand, since it’s a case of genocide, there is a large constituency interested in getting to the bottom of it–because no one likes to see their whole family murdered, much less a large portion of one’s entire race. I think that would rankle me, too. Certainly, what I learned from “horsegirl” the other day, right here at MHB, about the English enslaving my own race, well, I can’t know exactly how the Jews feel about it but I now have a better taste of it than I did before.

Still, I’ve never been interested in “true crime.” It bores me, for the most part. It’s enough to know the crime happened, and if the accused criminal was falsely convicted. (I DO want to know who poisoned Joffrey, that little shit, though. I suspect it’s Margaery’s grandmother; she seems quite the conniver.)

This is important, if my readers wish to understand my thought (not the GOT aside). I have written here countless times that I’m certain that we can never know the names of the people behind 9/11, or indeed who is behind any of the pageants we have been treated to since. If we know their names, they are not high enough up, and thus can’t be the ones behind it. I have frequently referenced Eyes Wide Shut (which yesterday at MHB was discussed wonderfully, to my delight): the people who put on the ritual in the movie are unnamed, because the people behind these things keep the lowest of low profiles. They are content to get their New World Order; they do not wish to be congratulated for making us all slaves.

The Jews of Europe–every single one that the Germans could gain access to–were absconded with.

This is an incontrovertible fact.

Almost all of them were never heard from again. Once more: no one disputes this.

How do we know 9/11 really happened? Seven buildings named WTC were destroyed one morning, and two of them actually were turned into dust and blew away. David Copperfield didn’t pretend to do that. You can go to New York and see for yourself.

How do we know the holocaust happened? Millions of Jews, whose ancestral home was the thousands of remote hamlets strewn across all the lands Germany invaded, were abducted, and vanished from history (at least most did; some we know died in captivity, and a few survived, sporting a lovely new tattoo to remind them of it). Just like the WTC buildings in New York, you can go those towns and see for yourself that none of them are there anymore.

True crime novels, movies and television shows are big because many people are obsessed with finding out how crimes are accomplished. I am not one of those people.

I don’t care about the exact number of people who died in the WTC buildings. I WAS interested to learn that planes didn’t do it, and conventional explosives and cutting charges didn’t do it–but I wouldn’t spend a lot of effort doing primary research to find it out. I’m glad other people do that work, though. I commend them for their service.

So if the Germans didn’t use gas to murder the Jews, I’m glad to know that, too, but I don’t particularly care one way or another, any more than I care if it was Nukes or Tesla technology that turned WTC1 and WTC2 into dust. If the case is some day conclusively proven, I’ll be interested in reading about it. I like seeing things like that put to bed.

Likewise, I can’t wait to find out if the people who are obsessed with proving that it was not gas that was used to murder the old people and children, abducted from all those unmapped villages in Belorussia, discover just what tool their German captors DID use to snuff ’em.

Me, I’ll be here waiting, as I pursue my actual interests.