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  1. Hi Patrick, here I am. Before I start, I have to tell you that I have ordered a keyboard for my iPhone so I wouldn’t have to thumb-type anymore, but it won’t get here until tomorrow or Thursday. So until then, thumb-typing it is, I’m afraid. I may have to comment in installments, as I often suffer from thumb-fatigue (getting old is a bitch, isn’t it?). First, my initial general impressions, which are mostly gripes, though overall, I liked the show (and I’d recommend it, even); I’ll discuss themes and symbolism in a separate comment.

    So, I’m done with Wayward Pines (WP). What an odd show. I tend to like oddball/offbeat movies: I loved “Rubin & Ed”, the “Tremors” series, “Uncle Buck”, even “Rubber”, and “Freeway” (all what I’d consider fairly offbeat). WP, though, reminded me more of “the Stepford Wives” remake, in part, I think, because I didn’t like or relate to any of the characters much. I think you and Toni both liked Matt Dillon in it, but I didn’t; I don’t know if it was his humorlessness, or if it felt like he was over-acting, but there was something about him that didn’t sit right. I also didn’t like his family, though I kind of wanted to like his kid (reminds me of mine, a little…but not quite enough), but I didn’t, really. It does make me uncomfortable to watch 14 year olds kiss; I know they DO (I did), but I always wonder how the actors feel about having what might be their first kiss filmed. Now that I think about it, I liked Ben the most during the three minutes or so after he emerged from his 3-year coma.

    I also don’t like the way parent-child relationships are often portrayed, and WP was a good example of what I don’t like: parents are either non-existent, or they’re smotherers who communicate by telling their kid what to do (“Get in the house, now,” “Grab your clothes, we’re leaving,” “Don’t ever say that name to me again,” etc.). If it was only one show that did this, I probably wouldn’t notice, but it’s a trend. That said, I WAS glad that a white male was the heroic protagonist for once, flaws and all. But I did like the Sheriff’s secretary, and even the nurse, weird as she was.

    The pacing was strange, as well. The story arced, but weirdly. There should have been less buildup and more plateau, or drawn out the climax (or maybe the resolution) longer. Why did they completely skip over the couple-of-years reign of the fascist teenage boys? I guess Season 2 will focus of Ben, then? Do we know what happened to his mother? And did we ever see where the electricity to run everything came from? I wondered about that. Also, I thought there was mention about how the town was an Intelligence/government project? Did I miss something?

    My thumbs are pooped. Predictive programming, themes, and symbols next time. And, like I said, I thought this series was very interesting.

  2. Patrick I am a long time lurker on mhb and have come to respect your attitude/ideas/analogies. I have some religious questions for you, that I would respectfully like your opinion on so I can do my own research. I’m a 50 year old wife and mother of 3, my oldest daughter at 26 is studying with Jehovah’s witnesses, I am studying now to understand what she is getting into because I have always thought they were a cult, which the internet has reinforced but these studies make so much sense, I have no one God based to talk to, just asking your opinion, humbly because you don’t know me from Adam, and unlike my Lutheran, brethren and Baptist friends, I feel like you are open minded and secure in your beliefs, to give me guidance.
    Respectfully, Tammy

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