MemoryHoleBlog Unaccessable

More than one person has contacted me about the MemoryHoleBlog being unavailable.  Toni is one.  She mentioned concerns about “withdrawal.”  I know that I myself am addicted, and dearly hope that James Tracy wis going to resolve this issue quickly.  I have no idea what’s going on.

4 thoughts on “MemoryHoleBlog Unaccessable

  1. Patrick, just about everyone, save Anne B., has left. The hooligan “Mick” with his little lieutenant “Sunjab” (and Ric, for pete’s sake) have taken over Tracy’s site. Apparently he doesn’t care or he likes it. I can’t tell. All I know is it makes me sick.

    I thought you might have some insight as to what’s going on there. This guy pops up virtually everywhere and it seems almost impossible for one guy to post that much trivia. Then he sits in judgement of anyone who comments.

    Tracy was always so careful to check people’s habits and call them on it. Something odd is afoot there.

    • Patrick, ever considered that “Mick” might be “Lenny”? I know….., but, I’ve had stranger things happen to me on the internet.
      “Sunaj” may actually be Mick. “Ric” seems confused.

      I had almost a carbon copy of this happen several years ago on another site that was doing well. The owner was obviously afraid.

      Your comments about him are spot on. He doesn’t care. I’ve noticed him going to other sites where previous MHB posters go and trying to disrupt those. He has his OWN site that he obviously neglects in favor of messing up other sites.

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